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Welcoming address by President Islam Karimov at the celebrations dedicated to Navruz


Dear compatriots !
Dear guests !
In these wonderful days when nature awakens again , all of our people , young and old , with an open mind, a sense of boundless joy , with the words "Welcome to our land , Navruz ! " Meets a wonderful and long-waited holiday - a symbol of spring and renewal .
It gives me great pleasure to sincerely and wholeheartedly congratulate you, my dear , and through you to all the people of Uzbekistan with the perfect holiday Navruz , to express to you my deep respect and best wishes.
Dear friends !
Naturally , the question arises : " Why do we always wait for Navruz with trepidation and impatience ? Why has it become for all of us, the most loved and most revered holiday ? "
I am sure you will agree with me when I say that Navruz - the most ancient , truly national , free from any political and ideological trends holiday that embodies the traditions and customs, the eternal values ​​of our people.
Its humanistic spirit and the ideas it dear and close to the heart of every person who is feeling himself an integral part of his native land , the world around him , feeling and carefully nurturing the unique beauty of nature, seeks to live in harmony with it .
Navruz is completely in tune with the views of the life of our people - these days are forgotten grudges and quarrels, we are even more value and magnify a priceless wealth of peaceful life , friendship and solidarity , mutual respect and harmony between people of different nationalities.
Thanks to the deep meaning and content of Navruz , embodying abundance, prosperity and mercy , every time with the good hopes expect the New Year on the eastern calendar - the day of the vernal equinox. So widely and joyfully , with large celebrations mark it as a national holiday .
Striking confirmation of this can be seen today, when the inhabitants of our country in the vast valleys, covered with green carpet and emerald hillsides celebrate Nowruz festivities and various performances , competitions on the national and kurash ulak - kupkari , serves the rich tablecloth with traditional spring meats , such as sumalyak , halim , kuk-samsa  , and others.
In this wonderful time of the people , showing inherent in our people , absorbed into our blood and flesh such noble qualities as kindness and generosity , selfless care for the sick , the lonely , to all those who need support , the desire to get the blessing of the venerable elders and mothers are divided happy holiday with your loved ones , friends, and neighbors.
All who live in the fertile soil of Uzbekistan , regardless of nationality , language and religion, with high spirits and great enthusiasm greeted as Navruz holiday home .
On this holiday, let me on behalf of all our people to welcome and express my deep gratitude to the foreign ambassadors and representatives of international organizations , foreign partners and friends all dear guests , who , showing great respect for the people of Uzbekistan are involved today in the celebrations dedicated to the Navruz on this beautiful Square.
Dear compatriots !
In these bright moments to express my deepest respect and love comes from the heart to you, my dear , are present here , and through you to all our esteemed veterans , mothers and sisters of our young people - energetic, single-minded , which is a support and hope of the people and the country.
Mentally, embracing all of you, congratulations again to today's wonderful spring holiday, I express my most sincere wishes.
Let the Year of the welfare and prosperity of Navruz will bring happiness , health , wealth and abundance of each family , the world and the progress of his native Uzbekistan!
May all our thoughts and noble aspirations , hopes and aspirations of the good !
Happy Navruz , my dear friends!
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